The first MLS report of 2008 and part of my new resolution to try to post something to this blog every day.

We’re down to 84 total homes listed on MLS for Babylon. That’s the lowest I’ve seen it since 2006. Even though I didn’t do a report yesterday, I noted that there were 88 homes on the board on 12/31. I doubt that there were 4 homes going to contract on New Year’s Eve day, so most likely it was listings expiring.

I’m mild interested in the newest listing, MLS #2032206. It’s a four bedroom colonial that’s right around the corner from my apartment. Interestingly enough, the listing says it’s actually two lots although I don’t see how you could squeeze a second house in there.

Homes in Babylon

  • Total: 84
  • Babylon School District: 49
  • BSD and Under 600K: 31
  • Condos/Coops:5

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