Well, it’s been some time since my last MLS report. I’m afraid I’ve let this blog lay fallow a bit. My resolution for the upcoming new year is to write something new every day, even if it’s just an MLS report or something interesting from Newsday. I actually do plan to buy a house some time in 2008, so it’s time to get serious.

As for the MLS, many many houses have dropped off the listings since last summer. Some I know have sold, others have simply given up and decided to wait until spring time in hopes of a rebound. Even in this dead period there’s a new house or two of interest that shows up on MLS every once in a while. There’s another Whaler’s Cove unit up for sale and they have an open house tomorrow. We’ll see if I make time to go have a look.

Anyway, here are the numbers:

Homes in Babylon

  • Total: 85
  • Babylon School District: 47
  • BSD and Under 600K: 32
  • Condos/Coops:2

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