Courtesy of State Senator Jeff Klein, 34th district. Linked from a commenter on New Jersey Real Estate Report.

Here are the top 10 foreclosing banks for the last 13 months and the number of foreclosure filings they have made in NYC, Westchester and Nassau. Please note that this list only reflects the final bank to own a foreclosed loan, which is not necessarily the bank that originated the loan.

  1. Deutsche Bank 2299
  2. Wells Fargo 1791
  3. .U.S. Bank, N.A. 1711
  4. HSBC 989
  5. JP Morgan Chase 838
  6. Bank of New York 807
  7. Washington Mutual, Inc. 673
  8. Fremont Investment & Loan 622
  9. Citigroup 582
  10. Countywide 520

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