Month: August 2007

The Cottage of The Clueless

I went to an open house yesterday. I haven’t been going to many open houses lately, either because I’ve been working the weekends or because I’ve had better things to do with my time. There haven’t been...

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And So It Begins

U.S. Home Prices Fell by Record in Second Quarter – Bloomberg Home prices in the U.S. fell by a record in the second quarter as sales dropped and mortgage lenders made it tougher to get a loan. Home prices down 3.2%...

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The Top Ten Foreclosing Banks

Courtesy of State Senator Jeff Klein, 34th district. Linked from a commenter on New Jersey Real Estate Report. Here are the top 10 foreclosing banks for the last 13 months and the number of foreclosure filings they have made in...

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MLS Report – August 7th 2007

Entering the dog days of August, we can see that there’s been at least some motion in the Long Island real estate market. A few houses here and there have disappeared off the MLS, including more than a couple that...

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The Origin Of Babylon

From Newsday And Conover picked up a story: When Conklin built his house, there was a tavern nearby, but his mother objected, saying it was sinful. She went to her Bible, and picked a name she thought reflected its decadent...

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