I am very tempted by the idea of living in a condo instead of a single family home. The prospect of not being responsible for yard work, lawn mowing and exterior maintenance is pretty appealing.

Whaler’s Cove is a complex that’s right in my neighborhood. The prices are solidly in my range and there are some for sale.

ML# 1956941 – $339,000

ML #1923130 – $347,000

ML #1983414 – $360,000 – Unit 17

ML #1961359 – $369,000

ML #1970446 – $369,000 – Unit 4

ML# 1984365 – $369,000

Six for sale? There aren’t all that many unit in this complex to begin with. I have to wonder what’s up here.

Still, I do hope to have a look at one or more of them soon. There are some open houses this weekend.