MLS Report and Open Discussion

Things have been hopping,as you might imagine. We saw a bunch of houses last weekend. We went out with our Realtor Tom on Saturday and he showed us a few houses. It was funny because there were a bunch of couples with their respective Realtors, all seeing most of the same houses as we were seeing. It was like a little real estate wagon train traveling around Babylon Village.

There’s a lot of furious activity now. I assume it’s because people are trying to slip in under the Nov 30th deadline and get that eight grand from Uncle Sugar.

Most of the homes we saw had little or no interest for us, so I’m planning to write about those homes sometime soon. Right now, I’m also working on the July Sold Homes post. There were ten homes listed as being sold in July 2009 in Babylon Village, so it’s going to be a long post. I should be able to push it out this weekend.

This is an open discussion thread, so I invite any and all readers to pipe up and say something. Feel free to leave a comment and ask a question, make an observation, tell us what you’re up to or just introduce yourself and say hi.

I’m very interested in hearing fellow home shoppers, especially their impressions of any open houses that they’ve seen, but I’d also like to hear from any sellers and their experiences and observations.

I’m posting this “sticky”, which means that it will stay at the top of the page over the weekend even if I post new stuff afterward. If you’re accustomed to stopping by and glancing at the top of the page to see if there’s new stuff, scroll on down a bit before you click away.

Enojy your weekend, everyone. Happy hunting.

Homes in Babylon

  • Total: 106
  • Babylon School District: 76
  • BSD and Under 600K: 36
  • Condos/Coops:11

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More Criticism For MLSLI.Com

I’ve been pretty unrestrained in my criticisms for MLSLI.Com in the past. One of the things I’ve constantly harped on is the design, which looks pretty much like it used to back in 1997 when I worked for the now defunct Long Island Savings Bank and used to do updates and tweaks on it.

About two weeks ago they upgraded the look to what you see now in the screen shot. It’s not a bad design, although it looks a lot like web sites I designed back in 2002. The design isn’t very visually interesting, but it’s functional and doesn’t look something from before the dotcom crash, so at least that’s something.

Something else I’d like you to note in the screen shot is the white box in the middle of the map that says “searching”. It’s a little hard to make out, but trust me, it’s there. I’ve seen the searching box a lot lately in the last two weeks because ever since they changed the design I haven’t been able to get results from the Sold Properties search tool.

The availability of the Sold Properties search has always been intermittent, but intermittent is much better than nonexistent or nonfunctional, which is what it is now. I sent a complaint in via their contact form, but I still haven’t heard back. I was looking forward to doing a September sold homes post, but I’m going to have to wait until either they bring the tool back online or I find another way to get the data.

One more complaint, as long as I’m off on a rant here. While I like the search by map feature of the Sold Properties tool, it would be nice if we could have a regular search form without the map so that I could drill down by zip code or number of bedrooms or price or whatever. With the map search I’m constantly trying to get the zoom and pan on the map just right so that I can get all of Babylon in without getting too much of West Islip or West Babylon.