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Babylon Village Election Results

As per Newsday Incumbents Kevin S. Muldowney and Mary E. Adams defeated former village Treasurer Joan Crockett for two trustee seats. Trustee Election Vote Totals: Mary E. Adams: 610 votes Kevin S. Muldowney: 786 votes Joan Crockett: 343...

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Icon 32 Fails To Meet Fairly Low Expectations

The above image is from 2004, when I-Con was in full swing. This is what I-Con 32 looked like yesterday. Saturday at I-Con When I heard I-Con was coming back after a five year hiatus, I made plans to attend. I’m a big fan of the con, having attended more than twenty of them over years. Sadly the con was not in it’s traditional venue at SUNY Stony Brook. I-Con 32 was being held at the Brentwood campus of Suffolk Community College. Still, I wasn’t going to let that stand in my way so Saturday morning my daughter and...

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Babylon Village Zoning Board Lifts Protections On Historic David Smith House

As being reported in Newsday today, last night Babylon Village Board voted to accept a statement of findings prepared by the board’s legal counsel which reportedly approves the lifting of the requirement that the Smith house preserved. Zoning board lifts protections for historic Babylon Village home (Newsday) Tearing down the home would count as a serious loss to the village’s architectural heritage, Babylon Town Historian Mary Cascone said, given the building’s unique features and back story. The wood-frame farmhouse with interlocking joints is a rarity in the area, Cascone said. “They’ve all but disappeared,” said Cascone, who called the...

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Check out /r/babylon on Reddit

Some time ago I noticed that the /r/babylon subreddit was laying fallow and unused, so I petitioned the Reddit Admins for permission to take it over and such permission was granted. I’ve been posting random news and events related to Babylon Village and Babylon Town there for a few months. For those of you unfamiliar with Reddit, it’s a news aggregation and discussion site curated by users. Feel free to stop on by /r/babylon and check out the latest news or create a Reddit account and post your own...

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Arnold Ave House Goes Up In Flames – Two Firefighters Injured

I cobbled this together from various news reports. Feel free to leave more information in the comments. Fire engulfed a home on Arnold Ave in West Babylon on Saturday afternoon. The utility pole directly in front of the home caught fire as well, snapping wires and causing loss of power and cable service to some of the surrounding areas, residents reported. Live wires fell on a fire truck while firefighters battled the blaze. Two firefighters were reportedly injured, although not seriously. One firefighter injured their knee, the other had an undisclosed minor injury. The cause of the fire is...

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