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Babylon Village Residents Express Concerns About Proposed Argyle Theater

Tuesday night at Village Hall, Mark Perlman and his son Dylan made their case for the board to approve their ambitious and exciting plan to renovate the now shuttered Babylon Movie Theater and turn it into a 470 seat venue for professional theatrical productions, concerts, movies, comedy shows and other events. They also paln to use the theater to run a performing arts camp for children and other, similar activities. Everyone in the village I’ve spoken with about the project has expressed both excitement for the project and concern about the one thing Babylonians are always concerned about, parking....

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Travel The Sampawams Creek With Tom Stock

Local author and naturalist Tom Stock has a great presentation that he gives on the ecology and history of our own Sampawams creek. A version of Secrets of Sampawams Creek is available on his website. It has all the images and some of the text of it in web page form. It’s not quite the same without Tom, but it’s interesting and informative none the less and certainly worth checking...

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Village Denies Permit To Demolish David Smith House

As being reported in Newsday today, plans to demolish 527 Deer Park Ave have been stalled as the developers were denied a permit by Babylon Village. The matter now moves to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Chase Ognibene will need the Zoning Board of Appeals to amend a prior building permit approval requiring that the house be maintained, according to Darrell Conway, a West Babylon attorney specializing in land use applications. Chase Ognibene and his father, Steve Ognibene, still intend to build two new houses at the Indian Crossing subdivision at Deer Park and Ketewamoke avenues, Conway said, but...

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Check Out Tom Stock’s Blog

Tom Stock, local author, photographer and naturalist, has started his own blog. On the blog’s About Page he notes: I call myself a “creative naturalist” I like to observe using my senses, to make new discoveries and share them. After decades of taking walks and hikes, I like to write reports of what I’ve seen. Writing is my way of experiencing the outdoors a second...

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If You Want To Save The David Smith House, Let Your Voice Be Heard

The moment of truth draws near for 527 Deer Park Ave. As we know from the previous article, the Ognibenes’ representative plans to file for demolition permit some time soon. Ann Curry sent out this appeal on the Babylon Village Heritage Conservancy Facebook group today. Well everyone, time is of the essence to save the David Smith House. We do not know when the owner will be applying for his demolition permit or whether the request will be going through the Zoning Board of Appeals or the Building Inspector. In any event, it is important to let the Mayor...

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