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Friday’s Kitchen Nightmares was touted as the worst restaurant rescue yet and undeniably so; the show took viewers through many emotional highs and lows that one could never imagine. The restaurant under review was Classic American in Babylon, New York owned by Colleen and Naomi, who are former waitresses. They are assisted by Colleen’s son Kevin (Chef) and her boyfriend Dominick (Manager).

Did anyone out there see what was going on when they were filming?

Lets hope that this works out better for Classic American than it did for Peter’s Pasta (RIP).

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Nighmares – Classic American in West Babylon

  1. Thanks for the posting, I’ve been meaning to find this online somewhere. Ah, reality TV keeps giving Babylon the wise guy edit, between Peter and now Dominick the manager. I suspect their scouts were looking for that.
    Also, why were all the intro shots Babylon Village? At least they made the town look nice.
    I know someone who was at the taping. Supposedly the food is not good now, so whatever happened, it wasn’t enough.

  2. I was actually at the filming and subsequently on the show.

    The food there is FANTASTIC!!! I don’t know who said otherwise but you get Gordon Ramsey’s food in West Babylon for a fraction of the price. I would suggest you check it out. I have been there 5 or 6 times since the filming so I can try everything before they got packed out from the publicity.

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